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Lagoon Talk with Federico Marzola

From the lagoon to the Dolomites. And back again.

What does the Val Gardena in the South Tyrolean Dolomites have to do with the Grado lagoon? Plenty! First of all, both are beautiful places, full of fascinating nature and interesting people. And then there is our personal connection with both places, which time and again builds remarkable bridges between the gentle waves of the lagoon and the rugged mountain peaks. But from the beginning:

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The Poet of the Vertical

The love story between Val Gardena and Grado begins in 1901 with the birth of a man who will later write Alpine history as the "Poet of the Vertical". Emilio Comici grew up in the port city of Trieste. The Habsburg city, only 45 minutes from Grado, was an excellent breeding ground for the later aesthete. Emilo writes, plays the piano and - climbs. At first, the young multi-talent tried his hand at caving, but later he moved in the opposite direction: high into the mountains. The peaks and walls of the Val Gardena Dolomites become his favourite playground. He was to go far. More than 100 first ascents are to his credit. Today he is considered one of the most important alpinists of the 1930s. Despite his inglorious chapter as a fascist functionary, Emilio is still a highly revered idol today. In the Dolomites of Val Gardena and in the Upper Adriatic. His early death, probably caused by a defective rope, has contributed to the myth of Emilio Comici. Wherever you walk in Val Gardena, Emilio is present. The most famous reminder of Emilio Comici stands at 2,154 metres and is considered a place of pilgrimage for fish fans and fresh air enthusiasts. And it is precisely up here, in one of the most spectacular places in the Dolomites, that we come into play.


The sea, the mountains. And the Marzola family.

When we write "we", we mean us, the Marzola family. And we are not only your hosts at the Tenuta Primero, but also the proud owners of the Refugio Emilio Comici in Selva Gardena. Like Emilio Comici himself, we are world travellers who love the rugged beauty of the mountains just as much as the gentle waves in the Grado lagoon. And that is why we are driven. Between sea level and lofty heights. And: the fish do the same. Because the Comici Hut is considered the first address for freshly caught fish in the Dolomites. You have probably already guessed where our chef gets the fresh fish from. Exactly: from the waters around the sunny island of Grado. And so, day after day, hikers and mountain bikers, skiers and fans of refreshing mountain air enjoy the most delicious fish dishes, fine Alpine cuisine and sparkling champagne at over 2,154 metres above sea level. A special experience: the legendary Alpine Aperó, which has been celebrated summer and winter since the opening of the Rifugio Comici in 1955 to round off a wonderful day in the Val Gardena Dolomites. But where to go afterwards? After all, you might want to spend several days following in the footsteps of Emilio Comici. At this point we would like to recommend the Hotel Sella, which is also family-owned. In the heart of the Dolomites, where cosiness lives and people like to do things sportily, you will find our Active Mountain Hotel. Wonderfully situated and right opposite the mountain railway, which will take you up to even loftier heights in no time at all. We are sure that Emilio Comici would have loved it here too. And so our little journey from Grado to Val Gardena and back again comes full circle. Speaking of travel: How about a holiday of a special kind? A few days by the sea, a few in the mountains? Feel free to contact us, we always have exciting ones in store for you.

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