365 days

All year round
we are here for you.

Head outdoors.
Into the sunshine.
Straight into the paradisical pleasure of the lagoon…

From end of May to mid September you can enjoy the extensive offer of our Tenuta Primero. Outside this period, our restaurants, the Bottega, the pool and the serviced beach are closed. This is the perfect opportunity to quietly enjoy the beauty of the lagoon and the excursion destinations in the surrounding area. Our golf course, the Marina Cafè and club restaurant are open all year round


Wander through the vineyards in the golden autumn light. Snuggle up close to your beloved and marvel at the wintry sea from the beach. Feel yourself blossom in the spring sunshine. The sunny island of Grado has plenty of magic in store for you. 365 days a year. Because our holiday resort is a place of longing for all those who desire magical moments and inner peace, and not just during the summer. The Tenuta Primero is open all year round and enchants its guests with delicious culinary specialities, the pure joy of nature and cultural gems. Get to know the magical play of the seasons on the sunny island of Grado and discover the magnificent small delights that await you all year round:

Illustration Beach
Marina 365 days
Discover now

Blossom in the
lagoon spring

Golf and enjoyment. This is a spectacle that you have to have seen once in your life: When the lagoon awakens from its winter sleep, life is in full swing. Life bursts forth, thrives and blooms everywhere. Lush green and colourful flowers as far as the eye can see. But above everything: The sweet spring sunshine, ready to fill you full of energy and beam brightly upon you. Now is the best time to venture out onto the green. Our 18-hole golf course is exceptionally beautiful over the springtime weeks. And because spring air makes you hungry, be sure to visit the famous Casoni. These traditional fishermen’s houses not only make a very picturesque photo opportunity, some of them are also home to first-class fish restaurants. It doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Playing in the mudflats on the sandy beach of Grado

A holiday like
the good old days

Summer. Sunshine. Freedom. Oh Grado! You let us go all out in the summer and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Have fun. On 120 hectares. There are endless ways to celebrate the summer months. On land. On water. Between the nature of the lagoon and cultural gems. Sporty and active or very leisurely. With your favourite person or the whole gang. Enjoy yourselves. Sprawl out. Our resort is a place of freedom, a place of longing for all those who long for carefree days.

Golden autumn
on the sunny island

Fine wines and eccentric characters. Hop on an e-bike and explore the magical vineyards of Collio. The light is never so beautiful and nature so magnificent as now. Surrounded by romantic vineyards, a pleasantly warm breeze sets your curls dancing. You can also enjoy a tasting at one of the region’s excellent wineries. Or on a trip to Slovenia. Just say the word and we’ll organise a private boat with skipper for you. The Valle Cavanata nature reserve is another amazing place to be. Just a 10-minute bike ride from the resort, perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to spot some magnificent pink flamingos.

Lagoon magic
in winter

Magical moments and soothing tranquillity. Close your eyes. Breathe in. And out again. Find your way back to your centre. Back to your nature. The lagoon is never so peaceful as now. The clocks seem to go slower. And even your heartbeat slows down. People came to Grado to relax their body and soul, even as far back as the emperors’ times. What about you? Snuggle up and let the soothing effects of the sea air work its magic on you. Afterwards, envelop yourself in water, heat and steam in our sauna house. Now is also the perfect time to wander through the alleyways of Aquileia, Cividale, Palmanova, Venice or Trieste. If you come to visit us in the run-up to Christmas, check out the Christmas nativity scenes on the water – a charming custom of the people of Grado.


Get the FVG card and explore the region. Whatever the season, you can enjoy great discounts and attractive offers from your favourite destinations.

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