Family holiday in Grado

Playing in the tidal flats

Was that a crab? Look how fast his little legs go! And is that a seaweed monster hiding back there? Let’s go and look! The sea where we are is something truly special. The magic of the tides turns our 800-metre-long lagoon beach into an adventure playground. It’s a wonderful place to wade, splash, dig and swim. Every square metre is teeming with life. Find the prettiest seashells, have a mud fight and cook up a delicious slippery seaweed soup. Lying around on the beach is boring? Not with us! Boredom doesn’t have a chance if you choose a family holiday in Grado. Of course, you don’t have to miss out on the fun of swimming, either because you can jump into the sea from the jetty anytime or hire a boat and head for the beautiful islets and sandbanks within easy reach.

Mother and children playing in the mudflats Mother and children on the beach
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