Interesting excursion destinations on the Adriatic

Discoveries by sea

Cast off, let the waves carry us towards adventure! A gentle, salty breeze whispers promisingly in your ear. There is so much to discover. Even if you don’t have a boating licence, you can hire a boat from us and set sail. Straight into the lagoon’s natural paradise. To mysterious islands. And even to Slovenia. Ahoy!

Grado lagoon panorama
Illustration Wave
minutes by boat

The Grado Lagoon

You could almost believe that the colour palette had slipped from Creation’s fingers – the azure and aquamarine of the water. The many facets of emerald, tourmaline and jade in the lush plants. And above it, a sky that turns purple or candyfloss pink, depending on the time of day. Delve into this place of wonder and cruise along the lagoon coast at your own pace. Discover small, hidden islands. Get up close to this unique natural landscape with its flora and fauna.

Island Barbana near Grado
Illustration wave
minutes by boat

Barbana Island

The church tower is visible from afar: Pilgrims have been seeking out the pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary on the island of Barbana for centuries. Still inhabited by monks, this place offers you rare moments of tranquillity. Make the pilgrimage to Barbana with your hired boat, or catch a 20-minute ferry from Canale della Schiusa to take you there.

Portopiccolo with sea in the background
Illustration Wave
minutes by boat


If Monaco had a little brother, he would be called Portopiccolo. It’s all quite sophisticated here in the smallest of spaces. This exclusive beach club consists of rented private villas, luxury boutiques and fine dining restaurants. There is even an exclusive organic supermarket here. Delve into an exclusive world – this destination on the Adriatic is a must-see!

Piran in Slovenia from bird's eye view
Illustration wave
minutes by boat


If you squint your eyes a little and look over there, you can see Slovenia! The city of Piran, which borders Croatia, is one of the prettiest excursion destinations on the Adriatic. The Venetian architecture and photogenic location by the sea will beguile you. If you like, we can organise an excursion for you to explore Piran.

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