Nature & World Heritage Site

Discover the treasures of the region

Nature has richly endowed our region. With wild, untamed beauty. Over the centuries, man has played his part in the overall work of art. Come with us on a journey through time and discover the treasures of long-gone cultures. Surrounded by a landscape second to none.

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Colourful mosaics, detailed frescoes and stunning buildings from Roman times. Aquileia was once one of the largest and richest cities on the Mediterranean, today it is one of the top sights on the Adriatic. Located about 10 kilometres inland from Grado, Aquileia will truly charm you with its rich cultural heritage.

Cividale del Friuli - Devil's Bridge
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Forum Iulii. Cividât: The old names of Cividale tell it all. A lot has happened here over the centuries. Today, the Devil’s Bridge, the Cathedral Square and a mystical vault from the Celtic period invite you to take a stroll deep into the past.

Postojna caves with visitor train
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Welcome to the underworld! Descend into the Postojna caves and explore a world of glistening stalactites and shimmering karst. Created by nature over millions of years, hardly any other sight on the Adriatic is so mystical and mysterious. The legendary Empress Sissi is said to have travelled on this cave railway which takes you through this marvellous underground world.

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In the mood for some big city vibes? Then head for Ljubljana! Slovenia’s economic and cultural centre is a wonderfully charming place, especially in the summer. A little Viennese charm here, a little Parisian chic there, oodles of greenery and always plenty of the joie de vivre of the south. Have fun!

Sunset in the lagoon of Grado
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Valle Cavanata

The Valle Cavanata nature reserve is home to more than 260 different species of birds, making it a veritable heaven for birdwatchers and lovers of wild, unspoilt nature. 350 hectares in size, this bird oasis is right next to our holiday resort. With a bit of luck, you can spot the glorious flamingos or watch a kingfisher catching fish. It is equally beautiful on Cona Island, where the white wild horses graze.

Panorama lagoon of Grado
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Gently undulating, lush green hills as far as the eye can see. A landscape that also charmed the ancient Habsburgs. The Collio Goriziano produces excellent wine. Some even say that the best wines in the world grow here. It’s best if you simply see for yourself and enjoy a trip to an area around Gorizia that will beguile all your senses.

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