Enjoy the Adriatic Sea with your dog

Holiday on four paws

Sandy paws. Tousled fur. And always a new adventure to sniff out. Your four-legged friend will love being with us! Not just because dogs are allowed in all our accommodation units, but also because they are very welcome.


Holiday paradise on four paws

Grab the lead, slip on your sandals and go for a loooong walk along the tidal flats. Dogs just love going for walks on our beach, especially at low tide. Should you and your dog be drawn to the countryside, you will find a multitude of paths and trails in and around our resort for joint adventures. When the weather is especially hot, your pooch will be very happy to take a nap in your air-conditioned cottage. By the way, dogs are welcome guests in all types of accommodation. Only the pool area and the private beach are reserved for our two-legged friends. Please keep your dog on a leash at all times within the resort and make diligent use of the doggy bag dispensers located throughout the resort so that all two-legged and four-legged guests can enjoy each other’s company. When you arrive, you will find a food and water bowl and a paw towel ready for your dog. Do you have any questions about your holiday on the Adriatic with your dog? Feel free to contact us!

Dog on the beach
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