Your cultural holiday on the Adriatic

Adventures on land

Lively places. Quiet alleyways. The magic of past centuries and the charm of modernity. Discovery tours in the surrounding towns and cities offer unforgettable moments. Experiences whose beauty will be etched in your memory forever. Look forward to your cultural holiday on the Adriatic coast: To legendary Venice. To sophisticated Trieste. To incomparable Palmanova and idyllic Grado. We have compiled our favourite excursion destinations for you on this page, all of which can be easily reached by car.

Grado lagoon panorama
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car 10 minutes
bike 20 minutes


At the far end of the Gulf of Venice, built on a coastal dune, you will find the small town of Grado. The island of the same name has always been called ‘the island of the sun’ by the locals. Where this name comes from, no one really knows anymore. But of one thing you can be sure, this enchanting light, the Adriatic lightness of life and the picturesque charm of Grado will bewitch you. On the promenade overlooking the lagoon. In the romantic harbour quarter. In the charming old town.

Trieste Piazza Unità d'Italia
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minutes by car


So imposing. So magnificent. Trieste is never stingy with its charms. And there is always a whiff of nostalgia in the air. You breathe history in the former Habsburg city. The port of Trieste was once a gateway to the world, a melting pot of cultures and a centre of power. If you listen carefully, you can hear the wonderful sound of the Trieste dialect, which still resonates with German, Greek, Croatian and Slovenian. Be inspired by the motto of Trieste: ‘Sempre allegri, mai passion, viva là e po bon!’

Gondole in Venice
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90 minutes by car


One can only kneel before ‘La Serenissima’. The ‘Most Serene’ defies any attempt to describe it in all its splendour. The attraction of Venice is unrivalled. Visitors from all over the world flock to its canals and squares; no other place in Italy is as popular. It’s all the more reason why the lagoon city deserves to be admired in utter awe and entered with the utmost respect. A highlight not to be missed on your cultural holiday on the Adriatic coast!

Palmanova del Friuli bird's eye view
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minutes by car


It is the epitome of baroque urban planning, an impressive testimony to historical architecture. As though cast in a perfect circle, the streets of Palmanova fan outwards. ‘The Palm’ as the city is called in Friulian, was created in the 16th century as a bulwark against invaders. Today, it welcomes you with open arms. The feeling of freedom in the huge, hexagonal main square in the heart of the city is unrivalled!

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