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Arrival at Tenuta Primero in Grado

Sea foam lovers.
Paradise seekers.
Sunshine worshippers…

Be free. As never before. In a place that satisfies longing and gives happiness a home.
Imagine a Mediterranean Garden of Eden. Remember the summer of yesteryear. Feel the buzz of the Italian dolce vita and rejoice in a freedom that is hard to find anywhere else. At Tenuta Primero, the Adriatic and the most beautiful holiday of all begin. Spread out: over 120 hectares and in your own little house on the lagoon. Between tidal flats and waves, pristine nature and an 18-hole golf course. By the pool, in 7 restaurants and bars and at the marina.

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Your holiday in the
Grado Lagoon

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Don’t run so fast, you little whirlwinds! Look, there’s a scuttling crab. And back there, a sea monster hiding. Or is it just seaweed, after all? Our lagoon is shaped by the play of tides. You can have fantastic fun between the land and water. Surfing and sailing. Snorkelling and diving. On the tennis court and football pitch. On the 18-hole green and boat trips.

Marina from bird's eye view

The Grado

When the sun dips into the sea, the world changes colour. Into candyfloss pink and violet-blue and all the colours in between. Our lagoon is a magical place. At any time of the day. At low tide, the sea lays bare its treasures and paves the way for endless walks. At high tide, race against the wind and discover secret spots and secluded islands.

Island Barbana near Grado

Culture &

What do you fancy discovering today? The warm, friendly atmosphere of the sunny island of Grado? Or the silence of the Valle Cavanata nature reserve, where the snow-white wild horses graze and thousands of birds nest? Maybe you’re drawn to the lagoon. Or travel back in time in Palmanova, Aquileia or Cividale. The cities of Trieste and Ljubljana are also close by. And Venice – you beauty!

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More packages for you

Gentleman riding a Bicycle in shorts and T-Shirt
03.02.2023 - 15.07.2023 // 03.09.2023 - 30.06.2024

Magical moments on the golf course. Fantastically relaxing days in the Grado lagoon. Look forward to a pleasurable time-out between sporting challenge and local culinary delights.

from 190 € per person
2 nights with breakfast included per person
03.02.2023 - 15.07.2023 // 03.09.2023 - 30.06.2024

Stay 7 Nights in one ouf our beautiful cottages or in our rooms of the Marina House and play free of charge at our Golf Couse in Grado! Breakfast is included.

from 490 € per person
7 nights with breakfast & green fees included per person
Gentleman playing golf
03.02.2023 - 15.07.2023 // 03.09.2023 - 30.06.2024

Golf course in order to obtain the green card (for 1 person - the course is estimated at 10 hours). The individual hours must be clarified in advance with our secretary and confirmed by them.

from 950 € per person
5 nights with breakfast & course for green card
16.06.2023 - 18.06.2023 // 14.07.2023 - 16.07.2024 // 15.09.2023 - 17.09.2023

The Golfpackage for our Rifugio Comici Summer Tour includes the partecipation fee for the golf tournament "Emilio Comici Summer Tour" at Golf Grado - 1 date, trial round (day before of the tournament), Green Fee for the date of the tournament, Drinks before the start, Buvette, Aperitivo after the tournament and the Special Night with final party at Yacht Club Primero.

from 270 € per person
2 nights with breakfast included per person
Family going for a bike ride
15.05.2023 - 24.09.2023

Create your own itinerary to discover Friuli Venezia Giulia, where you will find art, culture, sea, mountains and wellness! And according to the motto - We are family! the whole family can enjoy the FVG Card.

from € 499 per person
5 nights with breakfast per person
Gentleman riding a Bicycle in shorts and T-Shirt
15.05.2023 - 24.09.2023

Get on your bike and head out into the beautiful wide world! Explore Grado and its surroundings by pedals and discover the natural and cultural treasures of the lagoon! Look forward to 5 days of pure freedom, our delicious breakfast with sea view!

from € 494 per person
5 nights with breakfast per person
Motorboat in the lagoon of Grado
15.05.2023 - 24.09.2023

Venture out on the waves of the lagoon, enjoy the ebb and flow of the tide and our azure pool. 5 days of water fun and sunshine await! Including sea-view breakfast and a boat tour around Grado. 

from € 494 per person
5 nights with breakfast per person


is what you make of it.
Couple on romantic walk on the beach at low tide
A blonde woman reading a book on the terrace
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Lagoon Talk

Tales of the sea,
freedom and
a dream holiday

There’s plenty of room on 120 hectares. For big dreams. Small anecdotes. And life to the full. In our ‘Lagoon Talk’, the Tenuta Primero team reveals beautiful, funny, touching and newsworthy stories from our holiday resort on the Adria.

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