Romantic walk on the beach
Longing for the sea

Our private beach
in Grado

Experience the Adriatic anew

Water, waves, tidal flats

The scent of the salt water. The play of the tides. A constantly changing beach. The lagoon is an extraordinary piece of the Adriatic. Our 800-metre-long private beach in Grado has the most wonderful ability to change than any other. At low tide, the tidal flats become an adventure playground for little nature explorers and a haven for all who love long walks. Water sports fans will be impressed by the kite and sailing school. Our kite bar is a popular meeting place. It offers refreshing drinks, ice cream and small snacks.

Our tip: Don’t forget mosquito repellent. Tenuta Primero is right next to a nature reserve and the fauna can bring us uninvited, winged guests, depending on the season.

Jump into the sea father and daughter

Swimming in the lagoon

Our private beach in Grado is not an Adriatic Beach in the classic sense. We think it’s even better. The pull of the moon creates an impressive play of ebb and flow. The lagoon changes its appearance virtually every hour. Enjoy this natural spectacle from your sun lounger. Swimming enthusiasts will love our bathing jetty, and amazing sandbanks and small islands can be easily reached by pedalo.

Pedal boat on the beach

Low tide and high tide

When is the best time to walk on the beach? What time does the tide come in? Our tide calendar is the best way to find out what’s going on and enjoy our beautiful private beach in Grado to its full potential.

Person walking in standing water


The lagoon is a magical place. So diverse. So full of surprises. If you crave island solitude and fine sand beneath your feet, simply hire a small boat from us and putter off to one of the many sand islands that lie within easy reach of the coastline.


By the sea

the yearning of the soul finds a home.
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