Winter bliss by the sea

You might get some disbelieving looks when you tell your friends that you're not going to spend your winter holiday in the mountains this year, but by the sea. And just imagine their faces when they realise where you are going. And when they ask you why you are going to Grado instead of the Caribbean, they will be amazed. Especially because they had no idea what the sunny island and the whole of Friuli Venezia Giulia have to offer in the cold months of the year.

Only the voice of the wind

A winter day on the lagoon beach is pure poetry: wisps of mist rising high into the air in the morning light. A thousand tiny ice crystals dance with them, shimmering and shimmering. Perhaps they follow the rhythmic sound of the waves, foam-crowned to the beat of the winter moon. The heartbeat of the lagoon is slower in winter. But strong and steady. And so it is easy to shake off the heaviness of the earth and find your way back to your own nature. In all tranquillity. In all silence. Accompanied only by the song of the wind. Wrapped in a thick blanket, a day on the deserted lagoon beach is an almost meditative experience. So wonderfully simple and simply wonderful. 

Diving into the soul of the city

Where thousands and thousands of people gather in the summer, things are much more cosy in the winter. Now, when the days are shorter and summer is a distant dream, the alleys and corners of Venice, Trieste, Udine and Grado once again belong entirely to the locals. And the few visitors who stray into the old towns have the great fortune of getting to know the true soul of a place. To dive deep into history. In peace and quiet. Without haste. And even if the sun hides behind thick clouds on some days, it warms the heart. 


From the treasure troves of a region

In the slowness, in the silence, lies the secret behind the beauty of the lagoon winter. In Grado itself, but also in the entire Friuli Venezia Giulia region, the "dolce far niente" is not a summer phenomenon. In winter, even more than usual, an intrinsic cosiness, a devotion to the good life and all that goes with it, dictates the daily routine. What is called "soul food" in the world of social media is daily bread here. The bulging pantries and cellars are an inexhaustible source of pleasure. Fine wines and treasures of the sea, the fruits of the earth and hand-picked specialities become unique delicacies. Whether in the simple trattoria or in the star-crowned fine dining temple: let yourself be welcomed with open arms and pampered according to all the rules of the culinary art. At your leisure. 

Would you like to find out more (or would your friends like to come to Grado in winter)? Take a look here, you'll find even more good reasons for a winter break in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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