What makes Grado sand so unique

Besides collecting crabs and chasing seaweed monsters, it is the favourite game of our guest children: First, a big, long pit is dug in the sand, then an adult - preferably Mr. Dad - is put in it, and then the adult is showered with lots of sand. So much that only the head sticks out. The pile of sand is tamped down and the indignant snorting and snorting of the father is made fun of. That's it! But actually he feels quite comfortable as a sand mummy. He probably takes his fate quite calmly and takes a nap.

Like the ancient Romans and the emperor's fine ladies-in-waiting....

What Dad doesn't know - his rascals have inadvertently given him psammotherapy. Psammo? Behind it is the Greek word ψάμμος (psammos ) for "sand". And even if the term is not all that familiar, Grado is world-famous for it. And it has been since ancient times. Archaeologists have discovered that the good old Romans had a preference for baths in warm sand. They are said to have been not only very pleasant, but also extremely beneficial to health. Then, in the 19th century, visitors to the imperial-royal seaside resort of Grado discovered the beneficial effects of psammotherapy. Aristocrats and court ladies from Vienna travelled in droves to the sunny island to have themselves buried under the supervision of the spa doctors. It is almost a shame that no one has yet taken the trouble to investigate why exactly a sand bath in Grado is so beneficial.

A sand like no other.

But one thing is certain: you first have to find sand like the one here in Grado. It is a special mixture and rich in salts, minerals and algae extracts from the sea. In combination with warmth, the Grado sand can then unfold its effect. Wherever dry heat helps, for example with aching muscles and joints, such a sand bath can provide relief. Even top athletes have discovered the sand from Grado for themselves and swear by its regenerative power. If you like, you can have yourself professionally dug in at the Grado spa. Or: you can dig your own sand pit. We have enough space for that. On the more than 800 metres of private beach at Tenuta Primero there is plenty of room for "sand mummies", as the locals affectionately call the dug-in holidaymakers.

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