The sound of summer

It is a well-known fact that Italians have a weakness for beautiful tones. That began early on. And it still resonates today. Just think of the Gregorian chorales, the Venetian operas, contemporary classical music for the big screen or the many Italo songs of the "Cantautori", which sound like a day at the seaside: wonderfully light and always a bit wistful.

Evening atmosphere at the Marina bar Aperitivo at sunset on terrace

The soul of Italy is singing.

Sometimes very loud and full of joie de vivre. Sometimes in soft, gentle tones. It's not easy to find your own personal favourite Italian genre. And you don't have to. After all, what's wrong with listening across the decades and styles? Federico Marzola - your host at Tenuta Primero - shares his summer evergreens on Spotify. Look forward to romantic rock ballads, timeless classics, atmospheric dance hits and much more. Just click on the link​​​​​​​ or search for "Federico Marzola" in the Spotify app. What's your song of the summer? Feel free to let us know!

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