Summer holiday 2023: Three tips for perfect holidays with the family

Family holidays without tears and drama? That's possible! We'll tell you our three golden rules for happy children and happy adults: in the Tenuta Primero guide to a really great holiday on the Adriatic. Get something to nibble on, pour your favourite drink and buckle up tight. Because before we bang out the good tips, we unfortunately have to take you to the dark side of family holidays. 3, 2, 1 ... First scene: deafening. There is no other way to describe the shrill roar of child 2. Moments later, thick tears of raw rage roll down the bright red cheeks. The little fingers claw into the tablecloth like bear claws. But building sandcastles all day again? Even the thickest of daddy's nerves can't cope with that. Perhaps the following scene sounds familiar to you: Your mother-in-law won't even look at you, your husband has forgotten how to talk, the children are bickering - again, and where has grandpa gone? Your mood is in the doldrums and the fish on your plate has long since gone cold. But it should have been a nice family holiday. What if, what if, bicycle chain. Wipe the beads of sweat from your forehead, relax your jaw muscles and take a deep breath. Because there is another way. There really is. How? Like this!

Girl licking an ice cream

1. Find a place that everyone loves

Planning is half the happiness of a holiday. What good does it do you to stand in the most beautiful mountain landscape if everyone else wanted to go to the sea? It is just as unproductive to go to the most beautiful end of the world if boredom then turns into dissatisfaction. Ergo: Take enough time for your holiday planning and find a holiday destination that offers something suitable for all fellow travellers. Look for a good mix of quiet location and good accessibility, nature enjoyment and cultural offerings, children's fun and relaxation for adults. Our Tenuta Primero is just such a place. Take a look at what our resort has in store for families.


2. finding the balance between planning and spontaneity

Sightseeing in Palmanova in the morning, a photo safari to the flamingos in the afternoon and lunch and souvenir shopping in the old town of Grado halfway through. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it? If you're on a family holiday, however, it's not a good one. Because when, if not on holiday, is there room for spontaneity, for free play and for letting your soul dangle? The mania for order and the tendency to organise can stay at home. In order to have a certain daily routine and thus a rough framework of action, it is worthwhile if you draw up a rough holiday plan even before you arrive. For example: When do we want to go on a bike trip, on which day of the holiday do we want to rent a boat, etc.?  Also, if you clarify basic questions like "is breakfast together a must?" in advance, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and frustration on a multigenerational holiday.

3. lower expectations

Easier said than done, we are well aware of that. But perhaps this is the tip of the tips, the ultimate hack for your family holiday. Of course you should look forward to your holiday and you can paint it in the most colourful colours. But if you don't expect too much, you can't be disappointed, can you? That's why your hair can be dishevelled, your clothes full of ice cream stains and your toes sandy. After all, experiences should be real and not perfect.


Would you like to know what to expect on your family holiday at Tenuta Primero? Then please go here!

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