Spring Awakening in the Grado Lagoon

Spring in Grado is a spectacle you have to see once in your life: When the lagoon awakens from its winter dormancy, life is raging. Everywhere it sprouts and flourishes and blossoms. Lush green and colourful flowers as far as the eye can see. Above it all: the lovely sun, which can't wait to recharge your batteries and shine brightly with you. We have put together the ultimate bucket list for your spring holiday in Grado. But beware: once you've experienced Grado in spring, you'll fall madly in love!

Blossoming in the nature reserve

A gentle breeze is all it takes for thousands of petals to dance through the sun-soaked air. And right in the middle: You! Grab a bike and let the spring wind carry you to the nature reserve on the island of Cona. There you can literally feel the sprouting, growing, thriving and blossoming. Snow-white wild horses graze among the tender green and blossoming trees. Don't laugh, we're not pulling your leg. This fairytale scenery really exists! Even if you are enthusiastic about feathered friends, you are in paradise here. The 2,400-hectare protected zone is considered the best birdwatching area in all of Italy.

In love with life

Quiet alleys, secluded spots and gentle sunrays kissing your skin. Isn't it blissful? In the spring weeks, Grado's old town exudes a very special charm. It's more relaxed and intimate than in the summer months.  Take your favourite person by the hand and enjoy yourselves. Take endless strolls through the historic old town. Romantic window shopping. Or with sparkling aperitivi in the spring sun.

Smile, please!

Pink flamingos in the Valle Cavanata nature reserve, the picturesque traditional fishermen's cottages, the play of colours at sunset... Spring is the ideal time for your very own photo safari. Delicate greenery, colourful flowers and sky-blue don't just look great on Instagram and the like, how about an analogue photo experience? Our concierge will tell you where you can still buy analogue film. Keyword concierge: his services are available to you in full.

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