Of the moon, the sea and your holiday pleasure

It is a small, big miracle, our lagoon beach. Every season, every day, even every hour, the 800-metre-long bay changes its face. Sometimes it is a huge sandpit and training track for beach runners. Sometimes it is an ankle-deep sea paradise for crabs and fish and an endless land of adventure for small (and large) explorers. Sometimes the perfect wetland for first attempts without water wings. But what our lagoon is always: unique!

Boring is elsewhere

But the most important thing first, because many a guest is amazed when they see our beach for the first time. Lively waves? Not a thing! The usual picture of an Adriatic beach? You'll find that elsewhere. Due to our unique location in the Grado lagoon, we have hit the jackpot. Because our beach is the stage for a magnificent spectacle of nature: the tides. And we have the moon to thank for that. Or rather: its gravitation. Even though the earth's satellite is a whole 384,400 kilometres away, it has quite an attractive effect on the water here on earth. Admittedly, physics and natural history weren't our strong points in our school days, but because we haven't forgotten how to be curious and because we know that our little guests always want to know everything in detail, we have once again stuck our noses deep into the books and compiled the most important facts about high and low tide here in the lagoon for you.


Quite attractive, this moon!

"The moon is to blame for the eternal cycle. Its mass attracts the water on earth. Depending on where the moon is on its orbit around the earth, it sometimes attracts more, sometimes less. On the side of the Earth facing the moon, gravity is stronger than centrifugal force and the water is drawn towards the moon. A "water mountain" is formed. And because, strictly speaking, the Moon does not orbit the Earth, but the Moon and the Earth share a common centre of gravity and move in unison around it, there is still a water mountain on the side of the Earth facing away from the Moon. The shifting of the water masses between the water mountains causes the ebb and flow of the tide. It is not only the water on Earth that is "moonstruck". Did you know that even the earth's crust rises and falls with the moon's gravitational pull? 


Two times two makes beautiful.

But back to the cosmic dance of Earth and Moon and the water mountains: Because our planet "turns" twice in 25 hours under the water mountains, there is ebb and flood twice a day. When exactly the water pulls back into the lagoon and flows back again is a little different every day. Because the moon likes to wander. Namely around the earth. But the exact time doesn't matter that much. Especially not on holiday. Just become timeless for once, sit on the beach and watch the fascinating spectacle. Our tip: Why not make a time-lapse video with your smartphone? You will be amazed at how much movement there is in our lagoon. Speaking of movement: Our lagoon beach is made for playing, romping, building sand castles, watching crabs, chasing kelp monsters or a nice mud fight. If you feel like taking a plunge into the sea, then our swimming pier is just the right place for you. Or you can hire a pedal boat and sail to the sandbanks. Because out there, the (lagoon) world looks completely different. But that's another story...


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