Mosquitoes in Grado: tips against uninvited guests

They are incredibly agile and so small that you can often hardly see them with the naked eye. But the sound they make - oh my! That can quickly rob you of your sleep. We didn't invite them, but they still come to Tenuta Primero every year: mosquitoes. As you may know, our holiday resort borders directly on the Valle Cavanata nature reserve. In addition to rare, beautiful water birds and countless fish, the little bloodsuckers can also be found there. But don't worry, you don't have to spend your holiday in tropical clothing or under a mosquito net, we have put together the best tips for a carefree holiday in the Grado lagoon:

Our tips

1. mosquito warning on the net

Weather, wind, tides - and mosquitoes? Exactly! Here you can find out in advance about the current "mosquito season" and plan your holiday activities accordingly. By the way: not all mosquito species are only a nuisance at night, some are also active during the day. And: Unlike other insects, mosquitoes are not attracted by light, they orientate themselves by smell.


2. quite fragrant!

Mosquitoes like perfume! You read that right: Besides breathing air and sweat, the little pests are particularly fond of fragrant things. Whether it's deodorant, hairspray or shower gel - anything that smells good and intense will magically attract mosquitoes. Our tip: Try a fragrance-free shower gel or a shampoo without perfume.

3. chemical mace vs. the power of nature

Some of our guests have had good experiences with home remedies such as essential oils of citrus, lavender or eucalyptus. We think that's great, because insect sprays containing icaridine or DEET can be harmful to the environment. However, if you have sensitive skin, essential oils can cause irritation. So if you want to be on the safe side and avoid being bitten, we recommend a high-quality insect repellent from the pharmacy.

4. always keep it closed

It's tempting to sleep with the patio door open on a warm summer evening. Unfortunately, this also opens the door to mosquitoes. Our cottages are equipped with high-quality air-conditioning, which you can adjust according to your preferences. In addition, we have installed close-meshed protective grids on the windows for you. So: close the door and nothing stands in the way of an undisturbed night's sleep.

5.  Full steam ahead against pests

You already know that mosquitoes don't like essential oils. But they can't stand water vapour either. We take advantage of this and "steam" the air on our Terrazza Mare and in selected cottages. With the finest spray mist and 100 % natural ingredients.

Do you know any other effective tips against mosquitoes? Share them with us! We're always happy to hear from you on Facebook and Instagram

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