Lagoon Talk with Federico Marzola

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Lagoon Talk with Federico Marzola

"The Creator has meant well with us".

The lagoon seems to be showing off once again. With its beauty. A fine breeze blows through the Terrazza Mare and the early risers enjoy their breakfast in the first light of the day. We are joined by Federico Marzola, who directs the fortunes of Tenuta Primo. We have questions:

Good morning, Federico! Coffee or tea?

"Coffee, of course! I'm a purist when it comes to breakfast. An espresso and a cornetto with jam. Classic Italian. But sometimes I envy our guests a little, after all, they can celebrate their breakfast here with us according to all the rules of the art. That rarely works out for me."

Is it true that where we are sitting now used to be a vegetable field?

"It could be. My grandfather bought this piece of land in the 1950s and farmed, as many do here in the lagoon."

So what did grandfather Marzola grow?

"Mainly maize and grain. But also asparagus and wine. My father grew up in this idyll, I still know it from stories. When I was a child, I was allowed to play with the children of our guests, and in 1962 my family opened the first accommodation business here. After all, this spot of earth is simply too beautiful not to share it with others, isn't it?"

Absolutely! And what happened next?

"In the late 90s we opened our golf course, parts of which we built with the excavation of the marina, which was then completed two years later."

Marina, golf course, restaurants, pools and the cottages. At Tenuta Primero, everything you could want for a holiday is there. Yet you always have that feeling of freedom and that nostalgic holiday feeling. What is the secret?

"First of all, it's the size: there's simply a lot of space on our 120 hectares. To let off steam. To be free. Whatever you feel like doing. Grado in general has a long tradition of tourism, many of our guests were already here as children with their parents and grandparents. Of course, that brings back memories of holidays like in the old days. And then there is the magic of the lagoon. It's hard to describe. The sea with its tides. The vegetation and wildlife all around. This special, magical light. The Creator has already meant it very well with us. But you just have to see and experience it for yourself!"

The phone in Federico's pocket vibrates energetically. Duty calls. He quickly takes a last sip of coffee and is gone. We are already looking forward to the next Lagunentalk. You too?

Pedal boat on the beach Resort Tenuta Primero from bird's eye view

Federico Marzola on the beach in Grado in the 80s.

"The Creator has meant well with us".
Federico Marzola
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