Cycling to the pink flamingos of Grado

We have good news for weird birds and best prospects for all those who are not afraid to get on their bikes during their holidays: Holidays in Grado are beastly great! Take our word for it, because just a few bike kilometres away from Tenuta Primero lies a paradise for birds of paradise. Strictly speaking, flamingos do not belong to this species, but their pastel pink plumage simply gives them an exotic touch, we think. It is all the more fascinating to observe these proud longlegged creatures here in the Grado lagoon. All you need is your bike and a bit of luck. Come with us, we'll start cycling in our minds! Our favourite tour variant is 15 kilometres long and easily manageable even for inexperienced cyclists. Along the way there are always opportunities to take a break and recharge your batteries.

By bike in the Valle Cavanata Nature Park

More than 260 different bird species make the Valle Cavanata nature reserve a pilgrimage site for birdwatchers and a paradise for all those who love wild, unspoilt nature. This bird oasis is 350 hectares in size and borders directly on our holiday resort. For a bike tour into the nature reserve, grab your free rental bikes, leave the resort and turn left immediately. Follow the cycle path in the direction of Trieste.

Look out for flamingos, kingfishers and the like.

As soon as you reach the first bridge, the nature park is already spreading out on your right. Continue cycling until you reach the nature park's visitor centre. If you like, you can pick up a map from the concierge or at the bike point to make sure you stay on the right route. There are also telescopes at the visitor centre to help you spot flamingos, kingfishers, greylag geese and the like.

Enjoyable way back and old lagoon traditions

Passing farms and wetlands, the trail continues through beautiful nature, where life is bustling and many a bird shows its magnificent plumage. Once you reach the dyke, keep left. Soon you will be able to admire the Gulf of Trieste. After a few kilometres, the Caneo restaurant invites you to take a break. You should also stop at the Villaggio di Punta Sbodda, a traditional fishing village, where you can learn the secrets of lagoon fishing. There is also a lookout tower in the fishing village, which you can reach on foot. From up there you have a picturesque view of the flora and fauna of the nature reserve. Our tip: On the way back, stop at the Azienda Agricola La Bonifica in Fossalon. The handmade cheese and ice cream from their own production are a delight!

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